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In this help system you can find the W4 BPMN+ user guides in the form of searchable help topics, as well as additional resources.

PDF versions available for all the user guides via the corresponding home pages. Use either the links below, or the menu on the left.

Version française disponible au format PDF via la page d’accueil de chaque guide utilisateur (liens ci-dessous ou via le menu à gauche).

First steps with W4 BPMN+

Getting introduced to the W4 BPMN+ Composer user interface

Creating your first BPMN process

Creating your first data diagram

Generating your first application

What’s new in W4 BPMN+

New features, corrections, and enhancements made to the latest releases of W4 BPMN+


Getting introduced to W4 INFLOW

Getting an insight into the tasks intended for the W4 INFLOW operators

Configuring W4 INFLOW Engine via W4 INFLOW Portal

Process design

Creating BPMN process models

Creating JPA / AE data models

Designing user interfaces

Generating applications

Publishing applications

Installation & administration

Installing W4 BPMN+ Engine (Windows / UNIX, standard / advanced, installer / command line)

Reviewing prerequisites and requirements


Note The W4 BPMN+ suite installation is covered in Getting started with W4 BPMN+ (PRM tutorial)
The W4 BPMN+ Composer installation is covered in Composing applications with W4 BPMN+ Composer

Managing users and groups

Importing BPMN definitions

Coordinating processes and activities

Monitoring deployed services

Interacting with DSS and ECI systems

Monitoring W4 BPMN+ Engine

All the W4 BPMN+ Engine parameters

All the W4 BPMN+ Engine exceptions

Additional resources

How to make accurate searches across the help system


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